Top 5 Rad Vehicle Rentals

So you and a bunch of friends are going out on the town, or possibly doing a self-guided wine tour. Why bother having the discussion on who’s going to be the designated driver and how many people can fit in their cars? Here’s a genius idea, rent a limo or party bus? Sure you have to pay someone to be your designated driver, but you have a designated driver, and everyone can blow off some “adulting” steam. And who doesn’t need to do that? Right?
To help you out in your quest for the best, freshest or unique here is a fun list of the top 5 limos to rent.

5.) The Stretch H2 Hummer
Nothing says “I’m a Gen-Xer who’s still with it” like pulling up to a nightclub in a stretch H2 Hummer like it’s prom night all over again.

Really though, the Hummer’s impressive size is matched by its interior comfort and its accessibility. Because it is a bit harder to give the paparazzi and panty peek when stepping down out of a stretch Hummer.

4.) The Fire Truck Limo
There are a few across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. These rad refurbished fire truck limos are the epitome of upcycling. I guarantee that it will offer you a unique and memorable experience. Additionally, when leaving your event, it would be easy to spot YOUR limo from the lineup.

3.) Limousine Charter Bus
The optimal “limo” in style and comfort. Charter buses also hold the most amount of occupants, making it easier to include everyone and their mom on the invite. Just think of the wonderment strangers will have when they start seeing the equivalent of a small town ascend on your shared venue. And then if you partied too hard you can quickly take a disco nap inside this swanky ride on your way to the next winery. What isn’t to love about renting a charter bus? You have girth, style and comfort wrapped up in a shiny bus.

2.) The Classic Party Bus
Of course, you cannot compile a list like this without including the ubiquitous party bus. Wichita Limo Service says this is their most popular rental by far.
There is nothing like “we are ready to get down to business” like a party bus with the vinyl, covers seats, plastic flooring, and neon LED rope lights. Throw in a stripper pole, and you’re bound to have a slice a debaucherous fun that you may or may not remember the next day.

1.) 1965 VW Stretch Limo Microbus
Recently a version of this bus sold on eBay to the tune of $220,000 out of Hawaii. Sure, it can only hold you and 11 of your friends. But it’s the epitome of style. The chrome accents, the windows, the body style, and then the emblem. This limo would be a beautiful way for a bride and groom to ride off in after their beachside nuptials.

These all sound like so much fun that I feel I need a night out to paint the town red. Keep in mind your night out, wine tour or wedding is all about you and your partygoers having fun; the limo is just the accent. It contributes to the memory of your event. So you can say “remember that night that Jill and Rachel danced on the bar? It was the same night we had rented the firetruck limo.”

Go forth and create memories, find one of these and rent a limo today.