5 Most Beautiful Cities in the Fall (Nation Wide)

I doesn’t take much to understand why so many people love the display of whimsical colors in fall foliage. Watching a beautiful red leaf fall from a tree is truly poetic. As Anne of Green Gables once said “I’m glad I live in a world where there are Octobers,” me too Anne, me too. Here are the five best places take in the colors October gives us.

Upper Peninsula, Michigan- I’m going to let you in on a tourism secret, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is beautiful in the Fall. Michigan’s tourism website made it easy for visitors to take in the views and vistas by offering up ten different maps that allow you to go on your seasonal adventure. Just keep in mind that the best time to capture the exquisite color starts the last week of September and wraps up but the last week of October.

The Great Smoky Mountains- The best time to see autumnal foliage in The Great Smoky Mountains is mid-October to early November. The Smoky Mountains is home to upwards of 187,000 acres of old growth forests. You get the yellows from beech, birch, tulip poplar and buckeye trees. The orange tones come from sugar maples and hickory. The bountiful vibrant reds from maple and black gum trees. The Smoky’s put on quite the display. You can take in this colorful splendor via helicopter, segway tour or even rent a motorcycle in Pigeon Forge, TN. and take a self-guided tour.

Glacier National Park- Fall color in Glacier is different than many other seasonally favorite locations. The fall colors go from green to golden yellow without much of variation in between. This makes Glacier a unique hotbed of Autumn beauty. Adding in the multitude of hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails, it’s almost unparalleled. Glacier will leave an impression on your heart that you will cherish forever.

Chester,VT- I have a soft spot in my heart for New England. I love the quaint little towns, the colonial charm of the architecture, and the abundant vegetation. Vermont doesn’t lack in any of those departments. The Green Mountain railroad has weekday Fall Foliage Train Rides from Chester to Ludlow, VT., and back. The train takes you over a trestle in Ludlow where you get an expansive view of the Fall foliage patchwork slopping down the Okemo Mountain Resort. It is a divine sight to take in.

Columbia River Gorge- It’s easy for me to be impartial about this pick, I live here. The Columbia River Gorge is breathtaking all year-round. But something about the crisp cold air, the mist drifting down the river and the abundant greenery thrust between the vibrant reds, bright yellows and beautiful oranges that just confirms that life in Oregon was meant to spend outdoors as much as possible. Forget the rain, that’s what coats are for, your eyes MUST feast in the scenic beauty of this great land.

Overall, the array of Fall color is as if Mother Nature is peacocking for your affection. Don’t resist, love her back. Thank her for her beauty, she deserves to hear it.

Top 5 Towns to Visit in Oregon

Let’s Detour from rentals for a bit and talk about where to use those rentals! If you need advice on picking a good rental car, just head on over to this blog.

For those of you who love to travel, enjoys history, art, and scenic views and along with the outdoors then this list will be for you. I have personally picked five towns just in the state of Oregon that I thought you guys would be interested in looking into.

1. Astoria, Oregon
Have you seen the-the 1985 film The Goonies? Well of course you have, and if you haven’t then stop what you’re doing and watch it, you have not lived until you see this movie. In Astoria, Oregon is the all so famous Goonies House. You can not go inside of it, but you can view the outside, there is a private residence living inside the home so try not to disturb them. And if that’s not enough for you, the town hosts the Goonies Celebration every year in June. Astoria is the oldest U.S settlement west of the Rocky Mountains. The city also has the Columbia River Maritime Museum; the museum has a national reputation for the quality of their exhibits. You can learn about the Columbia River Bar, one of the most dangerous passes in the world. Astoria also has the Lois and Clark National Historical Park. The town is also located on the Pacific Ocean.

2. Florence, Oregon
Another great town by the ocean is Florence Oregon. The city offers many scenic views, including the beautiful hike at Heceta Head Lighthouse. After you take the forest walk from the beach up to the lighthouse, there is a spot that has benches for you to sit down and enjoy the view that looks over the beach and the ocean. Florence is also home to the Historic Old Town. It’s a small town located inside the small town of Florence, funny right? Historic Old Town is set along the Siuslaw river; it offers many different art galleries, boutiques, antiques, and restaurants. The town also hosts many exciting events and festivals such as The Rhododendron Festival, which I try to attend every year myself. The festival usually has a parade, a bunch of booths, and even rides for everyone. The town is also located by the south jetty dunes, so you and your family can rent a dune buggy and ride around on the sand and by the ocean.

3. Brownsville, Oregon
The next town I am going to tell you about was settled in 1846 but also is where another great film was created. The 1980’s movie Stand By Me was filmed in parts of Brownsville Oregon, and yes once again if you have not seen this film then you have to. The town is nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains and has buildings dating back from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The town also has a twenty-six-acre Pioneer Park and The Moyer House Museum.

4. Joseph, Oregon
For those of you who like native American history then this next town is just for you. Joseph Oregon is a town named after the Nez Perce chief Joseph. Joseph is a great town for your history, art, and outdoor lovers. The town is by the Wallow Mountains and Eagle Cap wilderness. The town is known to be referred as the ‘Little Switzerland of America,’ the area offers hiking trails that can vary anywhere from easy to difficult. And for you artists, the town’s main street is lined with bronze statues created by artists including Shelley S. Curtiss and Steve Parks.

5. Jacksonville, Oregon
Finally, we come to the last town that I would like to tell you about, Jacksonville, Oregon. This city has a past that is rooted in the gold rush, with over a hundred buildings listed on the National Register of Historic places this makes it the perfect town for taking historic tours. You can also explore the area’s wineries as it’s situated at the entrance of the Applegate Valley Wine County.

These are just small towns located in Oregon; it’s crazy for you to think about how much more is out there in all the other states. So before making your final decision about where you want to visit, make sure you look into all the other states and what their small towns have to offer you.

Top 5 Rad Vehicle Rentals

So you and a bunch of friends are going out on the town, or possibly doing a self-guided wine tour. Why bother having the discussion on who’s going to be the designated driver and how many people can fit in their cars? Here’s a genius idea, rent a limo or party bus? Sure you have to pay someone to be your designated driver, but you have a designated driver, and everyone can blow off some “adulting” steam. And who doesn’t need to do that? Right?
To help you out in your quest for the best, freshest or unique here is a fun list of the top 5 limos to rent.

5.) The Stretch H2 Hummer
Nothing says “I’m a Gen-Xer who’s still with it” like pulling up to a nightclub in a stretch H2 Hummer like it’s prom night all over again.

Really though, the Hummer’s impressive size is matched by its interior comfort and its accessibility. Because it is a bit harder to give the paparazzi and panty peek when stepping down out of a stretch Hummer.

4.) The Fire Truck Limo
There are a few across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. These rad refurbished fire truck limos are the epitome of upcycling. I guarantee that it will offer you a unique and memorable experience. Additionally, when leaving your event, it would be easy to spot YOUR limo from the lineup.

3.) Limousine Charter Bus
The optimal “limo” in style and comfort. Charter buses also hold the most amount of occupants, making it easier to include everyone and their mom on the invite. Just think of the wonderment strangers will have when they start seeing the equivalent of a small town ascend on your shared venue. And then if you partied too hard you can quickly take a disco nap inside this swanky ride on your way to the next winery. What isn’t to love about renting a charter bus? You have girth, style and comfort wrapped up in a shiny bus.

2.) The Classic Party Bus
Of course, you cannot compile a list like this without including the ubiquitous party bus. Wichita Limo Service says this is their most popular rental by far.
There is nothing like “we are ready to get down to business” like a party bus with the vinyl, covers seats, plastic flooring, and neon LED rope lights. Throw in a stripper pole, and you’re bound to have a slice a debaucherous fun that you may or may not remember the next day.

1.) 1965 VW Stretch Limo Microbus
Recently a version of this bus sold on eBay to the tune of $220,000 out of Hawaii. Sure, it can only hold you and 11 of your friends. But it’s the epitome of style. The chrome accents, the windows, the body style, and then the emblem. This limo would be a beautiful way for a bride and groom to ride off in after their beachside nuptials.

These all sound like so much fun that I feel I need a night out to paint the town red. Keep in mind your night out, wine tour or wedding is all about you and your partygoers having fun; the limo is just the accent. It contributes to the memory of your event. So you can say “remember that night that Jill and Rachel danced on the bar? It was the same night we had rented the firetruck limo.”

Go forth and create memories, find one of these and rent a limo today.

How to Pick a Good Limo Service

Planning a perfect date or event can be stressful. The most stressful part can be picking a good limo service. Limos can be used for so many different occasions, prom, dates, birthdays, and much more. Choosing the wrong company can ruin that night in so far more ways than one. So how do you pick an excellent limo service? Lucky for you guys I have come up with five great tips for you to follow if you’d like of course.

If you are looking online, then the first thing you should look at is references and their reviews that show up. Look the company up on a review site versus the company’s official page; social media profile might give you a better and honest answers. The reviews will provide you with a quick first idea how the group performs and how the night went, it will also tell you if the company is worth what they want to pay. If the reviews online are terrible, then obviously do not even waste your time in continuing looking into them, if they are right and seems like something you are looking for then take the next step and go in and review them in person, so that way you can see what you will get. Another thing you should look at is how long the company has been in business, the longer they have been open could potentially mean the better experience they can provide you and your night of fun.

Before you go looking at the different options of companies, be sure to know what type of vehicle you want and are looking for. Most limo companies offer many different options of cars such as party buses, stretch limos, and even stretched SUV’s. So, in reality, it’s better to have an idea of what exactly you are looking for before jumping into the search and continue to look for the right company for you.

But most importantly you will want to look and make sure that the company has liability insurance, according to Las Vegas Limo Service. and the chauffeurs are professionally trained, a good fender bender will be a great highlight of your night that you do not want. Having a person drive you around with a bad attitude will also spoil your night, do not get a driver with a bad attitude or you will regret it. And you do not want a driver who is under the influence at all so make sure the company itself has a professional manner. Look or even ask to see if they have been inspected by the department of transportation and also DPU approved. After all that look at their prices and see what extra amenities those prices include, make sure if they provide any glasses for drinks that they are clean. And last but not least make sure the exterior of the vehicles are clean, there is no fun or pleasure in being chauffeured around in a dirty and smelly car.

There is more to look for in limo companies when deciding which to chose. If you follow these simple tips that have been mentioned above then finding a service to match your time you have planned should not be as stressful as it needs to be.