5 Most Beautiful Cities in the Fall (Nation Wide)

I doesn’t take much to understand why so many people love the display of whimsical colors in fall foliage. Watching a beautiful red leaf fall from a tree is truly poetic. As Anne of Green Gables once said “I’m glad I live in a world where there are Octobers,” me too Anne, me too. Here are the five best places take in the colors October gives us.

Upper Peninsula, Michigan- I’m going to let you in on a tourism secret, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is beautiful in the Fall. Michigan’s tourism website made it easy for visitors to take in the views and vistas by offering up ten different maps that allow you to go on your seasonal adventure. Just keep in mind that the best time to capture the exquisite color starts the last week of September and wraps up but the last week of October.

The Great Smoky Mountains- The best time to see autumnal foliage in The Great Smoky Mountains is mid-October to early November. The Smoky Mountains is home to upwards of 187,000 acres of old growth forests. You get the yellows from beech, birch, tulip poplar and buckeye trees. The orange tones come from sugar maples and hickory. The bountiful vibrant reds from maple and black gum trees. The Smoky’s put on quite the display. You can take in this colorful splendor via helicopter, segway tour or even rent a motorcycle in Pigeon Forge, TN. and take a self-guided tour.

Glacier National Park- Fall color in Glacier is different than many other seasonally favorite locations. The fall colors go from green to golden yellow without much of variation in between. This makes Glacier a unique hotbed of Autumn beauty. Adding in the multitude of hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails, it’s almost unparalleled. Glacier will leave an impression on your heart that you will cherish forever.

Chester,VT- I have a soft spot in my heart for New England. I love the quaint little towns, the colonial charm of the architecture, and the abundant vegetation. Vermont doesn’t lack in any of those departments. The Green Mountain railroad has weekday Fall Foliage Train Rides from Chester to Ludlow, VT., and back. The train takes you over a trestle in Ludlow where you get an expansive view of the Fall foliage patchwork slopping down the Okemo Mountain Resort. It is a divine sight to take in.

Columbia River Gorge- It’s easy for me to be impartial about this pick, I live here. The Columbia River Gorge is breathtaking all year-round. But something about the crisp cold air, the mist drifting down the river and the abundant greenery thrust between the vibrant reds, bright yellows and beautiful oranges that just confirms that life in Oregon was meant to spend outdoors as much as possible. Forget the rain, that’s what coats are for, your eyes MUST feast in the scenic beauty of this great land.

Overall, the array of Fall color is as if Mother Nature is peacocking for your affection. Don’t resist, love her back. Thank her for her beauty, she deserves to hear it.